128 tick matchmaking 128 Tick Doesn't Matter

128 tick matchmaking

Argument 2) 128 tick provides better hit registration.

Say, was Dave there? Maybe it is reasons like that which is why Valve does not communicate well with us, it is incredibly futile, and the hate train against valve for 64tick mm servers is going to continue despite being debunked.

We already tick matchmaking Valve has tested it elsewhere Do you have any figures to back that up?

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If you all were merely educated enough on such a niche subject you all would concede the negligible differences for such great consequences. Well, I haven't financed a new car in a decade, but year contract would be average, so if you think about it that's about right actually.

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There are alot of setups that cant get to constant 64 fps. I believe it is both, tick would double the data that is being transferred and also double the calculations needed from the tick matchmaking. I kinda tick matchmaking that he said this if it is true because it will be even more reason for Valve to not ever communicate in the future.

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Its weird seeing names like that pop up Edit: I could imagine tick on LAN would be the bees knees though! You must create an account or log in to vote on posts on Reddit. I too hate debating 64vs tick, I just finally wanted a thread I can link people to that people who have an open mind and are willing to simply learn, will understand just how all this hate towards valve for not making matchmaking tick is unjustified. Why would they release it exclusively for chinese servers and not for the rest?

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The cost is more than made up for in all the sticker and skin sales they make. Well he is screwed, he will get rekt even more and abandon a game that is NOT solely made for high performant computer pros. Submit a new link. While it's true internet cafe is popular in China, I don't think the majority of population goes to internet cafe, not to mention that kids under 18 are not allowed to go to internet cafes.

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Considering I often jump between both MM and faceit after another I can definitely tell, it's clear as day. Indeed, the biggest reason out of all of them is the lower end PC users really, this is kind of the deal breaker even if tick was way better, which is debatable.

You really missed out, we had a Blast".

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Beastly compared to even a few years back. Special service VPNs exist to help you with the ping and speed, but the chinese gouvernment sometimes tries to take down certain VPNs. Actually it wasn't entirely useless, read this comment: You can still feel the difference between 64 and tick if you're getting 80 fps. For your average Joe playing a game he paid the same amount of money for as global XY? Do you know what else exists?

Argument 1) Spray patterns are different in 64 tick and makes it harder to hit people.

The reason may be because most of the population that play online games go to internet cafe's and most of them have a decent rig that can run CSGO on over fps and it was requested by the chinese players through a survey You know how steam sometimes try to take your PC specs during startup? Even 5 Mbps would suffice with 64 tick rate.

Log in or sign up in seconds. This is an argument forged by people getting killed and then blaming that their bullets missed because they are used to "tick spray patterns".

Don't have an account? When my phone falls in water I always put it in a bag of rice outside overnight so my Asian neighbors will steal and fix my phone.

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