17 hookup horror stories buzzfeed 17 Office Hookup Horror Stories That'll Make You Stay Single Forever

17 hookup horror stories buzzfeed

At first I thought I was having my period off-schedule, but I soon realized what had happened.

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The first time my co-worker and I had sex, we were drunk and spent the night at my place. Once he finally calmed down he claimed he swallowed a blot clot. Cleaning the community fridge, we found that one freshman biology student had decided to store their dead, dissected lab rat alongside everyone's food.

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On a snow-day I hooked up with a guy who lived in my apartment complex. Share On copy Share On copy.

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Share On tumblr Share On tumblr. While I was on the toilet, I found out my boyfriend put a golf ball up there too.

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The string broke and the balls got stuck inside of me. Immediately after it was over, he got up and left.

The deep throat was getting to be way too much, so I pushed myself away from him and instantly began to throw up all over my lap, on the floor, and almost on his penis. I may be exaggerating this in my head but I swear it looked like the triceratops shit from Jurassic Park.

I was crushing on him until we ran his background check. From hookups happily-ever-afters, wild crazy single wedding guests hunt mr. The time comes where we begin to get hot and heavy.

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As he opened the door to leave, my cat bolted outside. We ended up breaking the sink and it completely came out of the wall.

I really liked him, and we ended up getting a hotel room and sleeping together. Two minutes later he was laughing again and I caught him looking across the room. She had no recollection the next morning. When we were both fully clothed and driving away from where we got caught, we realized it was actually church 17 hookup horror stories buzzfeed lot.

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Share On googleplus Share On googleplus. I became very serious with a co-worker, and we actually had a baby When I asked, 'What the hell? She ended up needing 26 stitches. I was confused and ended up falling asleep in my bed.

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