2k14 matchmaking not working Nba 2k13 matchmaking not working

2k14 matchmaking not working, oops, this page could not be found!

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Join Date Oct Posts Matchmaking is working fine, i am able to connect to friends, we can choose teams and start games. Currently everybody makes threes.

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As such its a perfect subject for the stylish supernatural dating app sensibilities of. Best Answer try deleting the game data, not your saved data but your game data, then try reinstalling it and see it that helps, if that doesnt work check.

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I want to got against otherteams such as the warriors and cavs. How is the new patch for NBA 2K14 working for you? Last year I would play with Pelicans and play against warriors and get the extra bonus wins. I also think there should be an option for I have had so many issues that I have now sold the game for next gen.

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So it is not our network's problem. Maybe it would be helpful if those matchmaking not working issues should say if they have or haven't purchased VC. Let us at least back out'!!!!! None of these problems were present during IGN's pre-release review experience, surfacing only after the game's release, and mounting steadily since then.

nba 2k14 matchmaking problems

One common trend I've noticed from guys who are have trouble is most of them seem to have purchased VC. Iam besides from the matchmaking issue the rosters arent even accurate and we are about 3 weeks into the season now These dudes actually think they can play now.

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As further reports suggest, some retailers have even been refunding NBA 2K14 customers following online problems with the title, while some digital purchases were also reportedly refunded. Players have since had difficulty logging into Team-Up Mode on Xbox One, with a Twitter matchmaking not working created specifically for the complaint. Thats fine if you wanna do that so that people get the feel but when the season starts its supposed to be live.

Gameplay-facilitating trainer for NBA 2K I refuse to play against the same team that I picked.

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