Agent ward and may hook up 'Agents of SHIELD' episode 8 'The Well' recap: Did Ward and May hook up?

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He is viewed by Coulson as a viable, but an untrustworthy source of intel, and is visited by Skye only on a direct, though implicit, command from the new Director. I guess I just grew up that way.

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After seeing an image of Rosalind Price in his head, Coulson used his robotic hand on Ward to crush his heart, immediately killing him and avenging the deaths of the agents ward and may hook up people that have died at Ward's hands. Its because I don't care much about Ward.

Simmons and goes digging and pulls out an empty water bottle. Any plan that involves even one of those scenarios isn't going to work for me.

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Dating in the dark australia application form. Of course, it could be that Ward and May just have drinks and share war stories and pass out in a drunken haze, but the look on her face when she walked by him made it sure seem like she wanted something more, and vice versa. Grant Douglas Ward was a S.

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Skye replies that Ward pissed off someone even worse than her, and he is attacked by Agent Melinda May. Please fill out this field with valid email address. The morning after one particular dalliance, Ward said they'll use the "same plan as before" and stagger their exits.

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I love "Maybe Ward just wants to learn t'ai chi"! This Tuesday on Marvel's Agents of S.

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It has been hinted that he genuinely regrets his actions, however, since Ward displays a terrifying ability to believe utterly almost whatever he chooses in a given moment, it is next to impossible to say what he values deep down, or even if there is a 'deep down'. Contents [ show ]. Absolute dating volcanic ash layers. Prom date cancelled last minute. At the end of the season, May is seen visiting him in S.

Did Agent Ward And May Hook Up

It's not like Ward and Skye are in a relationship. I don't ship them romantically because of Fitzsimmons but FitzSkye is my brotp T It is obvious that Jemma also has warm regards for May.

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But I still agree with you, it's no big deal. The Walking Dead 5. When he arrives, he sees that Skye has hooked a bomb up to the head of the You think I don't know that? I would have voted "Who would have thought Ward had it in him" but since he hasn't gotten any since the pilot, I thought getting it out offscreen with May was much less awkward on the whole divorced at 30 dating the show implying him getting it out offscreen by his own efforts alone: Sure, he's handsome, but- May: And what does that mean to you?

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It turns out some civilians and S. When Coulson tries helping Fitz, Ward and Coulson begin to fight. How to hook up digital antenna to multiple tvs.

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She must have been the dominant one in this. Ming-Na Wen is 50 and is still that Hot does she sleep on dry ice I think she stopped aging at I'm calling to mind my training.