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It is not an Amish invention. Nolt, and David Weaver-Zercher.

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In the Amish districts that sanction bed courtship, the boy asks the girl if he can take her home. Johns Hopkins UP, This admittedly interesting account proved by the very large number soldshould readily silence the skeptic, for it recounts the "experiences and emotions" of one of the "plain people" who "bundled," but who now raises serious questions as to the methods practiced—morals, theology, etc.

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A few generations back it might have been more prevalent. I would think in that community even those who do have sex they are top secret about it because since most do choose to be baptized in the church they don't wish to be outcasts - not have prospects for marriage.

That holds boxgrove dating until you get into the more liberal groups, where head veilings and plain dress have been dropped. Certainly it must have been a lot more comfortable to "court a girl in bed" than on an old sofa or an old, hard, wood-box!

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The marriage ceremony was held in a neighbor's home of the bride. I agree with you Erik.

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I also highly doubt that they think hand-holding, kissing, or amish dating rules hugs somehow cause lose if purity. These people are human; they know the emotions and passions of life and the method of reproduction, and are they to be censored for an occasional misstep in nature, when others constantly are enjoying the conjugal bed without the benefit of "license?

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The bride and groom wear the same clothing they wear to church only it is new. Apparently it's controversial in the Amish community, but still practiced: They probably expect youth to abstain from sex, but it's not really so much about the weird concept of purity.

Don't get me wrong; the Amish can be plenty harsh, especially with shunning.

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Linda, in theory that is amish dating rules even our pioneer ancestors tried thus the "bundling board" which was supposed to guarantee no monkey shines going onhowever, as you can read from the comments posted here, the strict Amish groups have strayed beyond the bundling board concept. The majority would attend parties dressed Amish-ly. Such confessions are made freely, no persuasion being necessary; it is said that marriages readily take place just after such confessions.

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I was extremely disappointed in the amish dating rules show. Mary, I understand how you feel. IIRC, most of the families they visited were quite moderate. Visit the Baptist church? I think they may be the same documentary.

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Stackpole Books Mechaniscburg, PA, Thanks for your post, Dee. I've seen a few Amish docs so they all kind of blur together. I am very glad to say he has no idea still about what is out there in the world including pornography. What the parents DO get very upset about is when the kids make any sort of moves on the "Rumspringa" that would lead to a sane secular life, most notably going on in school or possibly joining another church. From a documentary I watched once, it seemed like the boys were more likely to "go English" than the girls.

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I would imagine if a young woman did have sex she would be very secretive about it for fear of being treated like "damaged goods" upon returning, and statistically speaking the vast majority of teens do return. The market is responding to the sales--the more people buy the bonnet books, the less publishers are willing to print books which reveal truths. Amish dating customs get the job done. I think that the couples they featured are from much more progressive families — certainly not the more strict orders.

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At that late hour, the household will be sleeping so they have plenty of privacy. The tables are arranged in two long rows in a shape of the letter L and at the bend in the table the bride and groom sit surrounded with the best feast foods Stevick,