Avoid dating single fathers 14 Reasons to Date a Single Dad

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I have decided to remain childfree, so I would not date a single dad in the future unless his kids were grown up. I've been conscious of this since I was a kid myself.

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He would have to have a VERY good reason for no longer being with his child's mother. I would still make the same choice if I had to.

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Single fathers have all the virtues single mothers do not, and they should definitely be on your radar screen if you are looking for some solid, husband material. I'll also admit to feeling the jealousy that some of the others mentioned.

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I might be okay with it if he was literally perfect for me and he didn't have primary custody. I want us to have just children of our own.

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I appreciate reading about everyone experiences, I have gained of knowledge. And you wouldn't want to start a relationship with somebody by lying to them about something this big because it will only come back to bite you in the end.

I love my cats, and would like to keep it that way. A guy with kids of his own is more likely to be okay with that. Hi all, I have recently become a Father to a gorgeous little girl.

For years, I swore I'd never date a man with children.

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If that child came with an involved mom, then absolutely not. Ive learned this first hand.

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It's kind of funny, actually And this is what women will think. Log in or sign up in seconds. Some people can't handle keeping their grades up and working at the same time. I remember several places telling me they wouldn't hire me until I turned 16, and even then, ugh. What stands out to me and a valid question, Why did you have a child if you had long standing issues.

There are many things you could say at this point, like red flag stuff, but give me a break! I HAVE dated a single father, once, but his daughter was 16 years old, lived with the mother, and was on the other side of the country, so I never met her.

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And am I supposed to be impressed by your k salary? Should you avoid dating a single dad all together, no matter how good looking, charming, or wonderful he may seem? We did end up doing avoid dating single fathers, but it avoided dating single fathers a few years. They feed off your emotions and your energies. And he does that by only speaking to her when absolutely necessary. This guy, though, he wants his daughter to not lift a finger employment wise.