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Hahaha to 'is Azerbaijan even a real country' I pray that isn't a Brit who posted that.

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I been married 4 times in my short live my first wife was English second Scottish third one was Turkish resend one is Azeri and mother of my kids I can say only one think they no perfection If you going to ask your Azeri wife opinion she will complain about you to so if you realy LOVE hear you will see only good sites and ask your self why you get married with her in first place? You need to take time and read some comments here, as I have explained it all before to other clueless people before you.

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Anonymous 6 February at Azeri girls family oriented and sincere. As for supporting your parents, I couldn't agree more too that yes, woman can work and support herself and yesI can imagine it would be rather humiliating to ask your husband for finance support for your parents.

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If you are from the UK or other western culture for that matter and have an Azeri girlfriend, my advice to you would be: And If I will see that any foreigner in my territory trying to pick up our girl — it is not good. I can work instead and make my own income and doing some favor to parents out of your own pocket is always nice gesture considering what they have done to you.

How many times a week did you go to church with her and how many hours a week did you spend in prayer with her during the dating phase? Atilla 30 November at As a Azeri girl I can confirm the thesis of this post is true based on personal experience.


Internet points are quite expensive. Azeris should be proud of thier langauge and not try to be something they are not. That is my first-or if it makes more sense to you?

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I do not mean to stereotype all of Azerbaijan as being such, for all nations adhere to the fact that not all humans are the same.

She speaks many languages and finds something good in everyone. Hei Scary Azeri, Despite of the qualities you mentioned about an average Azeri gal, instead of finding them weird or annoying, I found it more promising as in a potential mate.

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First, they have discipline, and second, children know that they have to be serious about their education and career as they have nobody to rely on, whereas, many of our guys just grow up spoiled. Azeri ladies and gentlemen are beautiful, because of our traditional, intellectual, and ethical values.

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Azeri parents are the most caring and supporting mentally and financially parents when their children grow up. They are hard working and clean 2. Brother Saleem, Alleikum Assalam!

Just like in Japan, we are nationalists and are bound to our tradition, but we are open people and we are adapting to western style of living. I love my parents and brothers and cousins and miss Azerbaijan very much.

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