Best hookup bar in seattle The Best Singles Bars In Seattle

Best hookup bar in seattle

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If you're looking for a quick tumble with a paper pusher, check it out. Not that I've spent the night here or anything.

Light fixtures from Kandinsky's notorious "game board" period shed wan light on the open dining room, where year-old men in business suits sip martinis. In fact, Bernard's, at any of its early hours, serves as little more than a gathering place for business folks sneaking a beer or a glass of Chablis before heading home. I order a whiskey sour and look out at the marvelous achievements of downtown--and then it dawns on me that I shouldn't have come up here or the bar below alone. At that point, the typically diverse crowd takes over the spacious dance floor.

After all, you're just going to be stumbling up to your room at the end of the night, not into your car.

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Lady patrons frequent this place for its delicious food and inventive cocktails. Two airy stories high, the dimly lit Garden complete with live trees is a perfect place to disappear and let your tongue and fingers do the talking. The small, locally owned coffee houses thrive through all seasons, offering a variety of iced coffee drinks to refresh patrons during the warmer summer months.

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The one saving grace may be the elevators--mirrored, dimly lit, and slow-moving--but onboard coitus, be it rising or falling, is frowned on by the hotel's staff. I enter the elevator and ascend to the top floor. But that may be a small inconvenience to you, as having more guests means the greater chances of hooking up with an attractive, mature lady.

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The Alexis Hotel proprietors didn't embarrassedly cover this noirish scene with a thick best hookup bar in seattle curtain. Some are just as fit and trim as they are far from home The seats are close together, there's a TV in the corner, and you pretty much have to rub up against people to get into the bar, making it best hookup bar in seattle impossible to avoid engaging the people around you in conversation.

The Stranger's Guide to Hotel Bars

And hotel bars, unlike Seattle's usual-suspect watering holes, are filled with people you're never going to see again. But that perception should be shattered when you drop by Magnolia Village Pub.

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Spare yourself of the hassles as you can go online and browse, where many women in their 30s and 40s are members. That's not entirely fair: It's a walk through the lobby, an elevator ride to the second floor, then down a long, terrifying hallway lifted straight out of The Shining.

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Nectar Lounge N. There are a few tables scattered here and there in the lobby, and the cocktails are served up with darling and easily stolen silver bowls.

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Open until 2 in the morning, it is the place to be for singles who want to meet new people or simply to sing karaoke. Alibi Room does serve great tasting cocktails at very reasonable prices, which makes it such a great hang out place for cougars in Seattle. You might also be interested in these: With its Hawaiian theme, Lava Lounge has a lot of tropical and reggae music played throughout the night.

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Helens erupted just after 8: You can get drunk or picked up--or both, if you're lucky--without having to worry about your friends, bosses, exes, or currents seeing you.

And if, by chance, you should meet a fellow local slumming in any of these bars, and the two of you wanna get it on, we've included the rates for an impulsive, you've-gotta-have-it double room.

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Example of a house specialty: This list includes a nice mix of dance clubs and one surprise where you can enjoy a cocktail or a brew, join the crowd on the dance floor and check out the next love of your life.