Bf4 matchmaking problems Battlefield

Bf4 matchmaking problems

I am never able to get into a conquest match.

Should I be browsing for a good server instead? You're Good to Go!

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If this is a widespread issue please let me know, if it is me, any suggestions? I thought xbox one was getting loads of dedicated servers and there wasn't going to be any issues playing online? My internet connection is good but it takes me about 20 minutes on average of mashing the A button and getting that "Connection was lost" message over and over before finally getting into a game. Obviously, that was matchmaking problems hype. Sooner the better, so we don't have to play each map in rotation twice and we may even be able to find a game mode on a map we actually want to play!

I'm your worst enemy. Why do I see only 1 CTF server?

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X box live is working fine, its the EA and Dice servers causing issues. I'm running 60mbps with an Ethernet cable so my connection is fine. Where are the Conquest servers? When will we have Rent a Server for Xbone? I either spend my time in que'd up waiting, lagging in a match tried adjusting network smoothness multiple timesand then getting kicked We really need more servers.

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So far I've managed to matchmaking problems one game of conquest and two team deathmatch. I play Engineer, I'm tankers and pilots best friend if they're on my team. Tankers and pilots NOT on my team. Do a custom search of servers you'll get put in a queue I finally resorted to the forums for answers. I have the same problem. The rest of the time I've spent in the menu selecting the game mode I want, waiting a while for it to think about matchmaking, then I get the error "You have lost the connection to the session".

Get your stuff together and matchmaking problems EA Dice. Also on EA servers. It's these reasons why Premium 2X XP has been postponed, be thankful of that, as it would be a waste if you couldn't actually join a server!

To this day, I haven't managed a game of Domination on China Rising, no results!

Its getting really old. Same exact thing for me, i dont understand how a game is out for over a month, has 2 map packs already, yet the original game doesnt even function properly. I think it's less EA and more DICE - in my frustration, I hopped back on Crysis 3 on last night for some nostalgia, and I was able to connect to and play a game within 2 minutes.

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