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Blood arena matchmaking, also on gamefaqs...

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It is used as a matchmaking requirement, as being within a certain Soul Memory range of another player allows you to connect. We will continue to do testing on this and try to understand it a little bit better.

There is nothing wrong with it, and I think it is a good idea but I feel like a lot of builds will be cutoff because of weapon stats and many will be similar because of the cutoff of some of the items. Blood arena works off KD ratio. I consistently forget to use the sarcasm marker.

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If you promise to stop by clicking the Agree button belowwe'll unblock your connection for now, but we will immediately re-block it if we detect additional bad behavior. I have hours of Dark Souls 2, and not even I'd wanna do that. SL matchmaking in the arena is cool and all, but it seemed to already have taken it's toll by increasing my matchmaking time in the arena my builds I used were and But then, you dont need to be in the BOB to use your red soapstone so theres that if you feel like sunbroing.

Your username is how other community members will see you. If you lose, you gotta help others to farm those babies.

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So yeah, there's that. At I don't have a problem fighting people at or so I just think a bit more space would be nice to allow for more players. That would be the reason, yes.

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Ive won 3 lost 4. No spoilers in the title please! So yea at this point is x's words vs y's words. Please read the full community rules and guidelines. Oh did I forget to mention some people mod their characters for this?

Where are your opponent's queue times? She's blooded arena matchmaking for PvP Thanks for taking the time to explain. I did not test or last night because I needed sleep. On what should be an unrelated note, my soul memory was 6 million, and his was k. There is also a time threshold.

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The main difference here is im using a program that shows lvl. Not once did I get a person of my SL within bloods arena matchmaking. They all need to be shot My has been getting instant matches, but it's been taking ages to get matches on a I have. I've heard that curved twinblade is sick, but fuuuuuuuuu that covenant. Great Chaos FireballGren Set. Bear in mind I suspected some kind of time threshold before the update, so expanding the search after time likely isn't new. That is a good analysis of it. So even if you win battles