Borderlands 2 matchmaking impossible Blocked IP Address

Borderlands 2 matchmaking impossible

I probably will never play it again if you say it's even harder now.

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MezZa Follow Forum Posts: We are now underpowered because enemies have WAY too much health. But the game can't find any.

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The game is too easy for solo play! Start a New Discussion. This game should just utilize the Steam server browsers. I played so much of that damn game, but now I have a harder and harder time going back to it playing through the DLC.

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I found this forum because I'm searching for a way to increase the difficulty. Man I have yet to finish my solo run I want to try out some more later, but Bioshock Infinite is calling for a 2nd playthrough.

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Go into your game settings and switch to "Offline". I beat BL2 solo, but like the first game loot drops were nothing to shout about when going alone. Otherwise you have to continually replay content until you get something nice. Slag Follow Forum Posts: I also find that GearBox made Borderlands 2 harder on solo than the first one.

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Enduro60 View Profile View Posts. I spent over hrs so far on this 2 matchmaking impossible playing as everyone but zero and I really do like this game but yeah I feels very unbalanced and it kinda drives me away. Just get behind cover; I mean damn, it's comments like this why game companies constantly nerf games to where they are just no fun. To be fair I played as Commando, which I think is by the far the easiest class to solo. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Nah, I never had any major problems playing it solo.

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