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I can narrow her age later as more details of her emerge. Federal census and local city directories. Sed consectetur imperdiet nulla, vel auctor libero malesuada eget. These are cabinet card dating as easy to recognize as CDVs.

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Mar 19, sfamily historygenealogyletters ipswichTollemache laurie c. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The type of card stock or whether it had right-angled or rounded corners can often help to determine the date of the photograph to as close as five years.

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Quisque sodales, neque a lobortis iaculis. The styles of later cartes de visite of known date should be used as a guide to dating the cabinet card. Internal Revenue stamp can date the image to the period 1 Aug to 1 Aug roughly the end of the American Civil War to the introduction of the cabinet card; I think it would be rare to find a cabinet portrait bearing a tax stamp. In the decade beforethe number and variety of card photograph styles expanded in response to declining sales. Therefore, cabinet card styles can be used to approximate a date for an unknown cabinet card.

His father, not named, was listed as naturalized. Initially, cabinet cards were made from natural raw bristol board, both front and back.

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Photographs may not be reproduced without permission. In the early s, both types of photographs were essentially the same in process and design.

Examples of Dating Cabinet Cards

A true black-and-white image on a cabinet card is likely to have been produced in the s or after But like the CdV, the an approximate date for a cabinet image should be obtainable through an understanding of it's features. Because of this constant change, a card mount offers the best clue to when a cabinet image was made.

But, with a little patience, you can narrow it down within a few years and gain more precision based on other clues including: However, as with all technological innovations, the public increasingly demanded outdoor and candid photographs with enlarged hi5 dating online which they could frame or smaller unmounted snapshots they could collect in scrapbooks.

Green was a very attractive version, but examples are harder to find.

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Rev Burelbach will just have to join my cabinet card dating orphan photographs waiting to find an appropriate home. The following are general guidelines.

Imprints - Front and Back

The earliest cabinet portraits, introduced inwere a larger version of the plain Bristol board carte de visite stock with the usual gilt borders. The image tone has a remarkable tonality, offering a range of brilliant tones from sparkling silver to deep black. At least he was able to teach us some more about dating cabinet card photographs!