Can doctors dating nurses The myth of nurses dating doctors

Can doctors dating nurses

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And while many doctors have found comfort in their shared traits, being too similar has its disadvantages too. The nursing calculations quiz It is like high school were the kids from different groups sat at different tables in the cafeteria. Feb 10, '15 by Jules A.

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It has been my experience, that the partner the med student is with while in school, is not the one they end up with. Jul 7, '02 by Sleepyeyes. It's a bit hard to ask us if med students are good to date- it's not a blanket rule!

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The fact that he had a job and ambition when we met was enough for me. But it it's just dating, why not? That and also that's what Meredith Grey did. I was engaged to a Fellow before I was in the health care industry. You can find some rich old guy and then you are set!

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Even though the thought of being set does sound good. I think a lot of them tend to go for other doctors because they would both "get it". Quote from btown annie Just wanted to get some opinions on this one.

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Feb 10, '15 by Nibbles1. How does your salary compare to nurses in the Sout I work with a nurse who is married to a doctor in the same service line.

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Sep 23, '07 by Tweety, BSN. And a few former Nurses, PA students, who are also married to MD's men and women They seem to be fine with their lives, no divorce proceedings in progress.

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I need your opinion. Once you have put the hard work into earning your license, you will understand why I took can doctors dating nurses.

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She told me it taught her patience and respect for MDs, and it taught him the same for nurses. After 31 years of nursing and many friends who have dated or longed to date doctorsI have never been inclined.

Some of my best friends are docs and I have this observation:

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