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As your existing car stereo was not made to play music from an iPod or iPhone, you will not be able to select music by album, artist, or song. This may come as a surprise, but often the most affordable and effective way to add iPhone and iPod support to a car with only a CD or cassette player is to replace its head unit. Bluetooth Headsets and car speakerphones with Bluetooth have been available for years.

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You will need to see if an adapter is available for your particular make and model of vehicle. After each step, try using CarPlay again. Roadshow Newsletter Love cars?

If you're using Bluetooth

Some of these adapters trick the stereo into thinking usmc dating sites iPod is a CD changer, making the first six playlists appear as CDs in the changer on the interface.

Thanks - please tell us how to help you better. If you switch the car's audio source to iPhone, no sound comes through the speakers, but you will get sound over the Bluetooth connection. There are also a few ways of adding an auxiliary input to an older car's stereo.

Set up CarPlay

On your car's display, unpair your iOS device and any other devices. These adapters have the advantage of preserving the look of your dashboard.

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This solution is very inexpensive, but audio quality can be very bad. Adapter kit If you do not want to replace the head unit in your car, you may find an adapter that will work with your existing in-dash head unit.

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If your car has one, press and hold the Voice Control button on your steering wheel. Of course, these solutions can also apply to iPads and iPods.

We'll car hookup for iphone 5 comments that violate our policy. See the owner's guide for your car for more information. Auxiliary inputs Over the past decade, more and more cars have come equipped with a simple auxiliary input. Some features like turn-by-turn navigation aren't available in all regions.

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Install any firmware updates for your car stereo. However, these kits can cost as much as a replacement stereo, and may require professional installation, adding to the cost. However, you do not want to listen to your music through a cheap speaker on a Bluetooth speakerphone.

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Update your iOS device. The problem with these devices is that the signal easily gets overpowered by radio stations, and in areas with a dense population, every band on the radio tends to be occupied.

So — how do you do it? Just make sure you have the proper installation kit for your vehicle so the head unit will fit well in the dashboard. If your stereo has a tape deck, you can get a special tape deck to 3. Modern head units can be had with built-in Bluetooth support, which will support hands-free calls and music streaming from an iPhone.

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However, you will still need to use your iPhone to select music. Try a different Lightning to USB cable. With select cars and stereos, you can use CarPlay to get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, and more. Thanks for checking out the article. Climb in the driver's seat for the latest in reviews, advice and picks by our editors.

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