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Listed in Votecast as the biggest site in the kenya's Personals category init boasts more recognition than any other local dating site in kenya. Finding a partner that you would want to spend your entire life with is a very big decision.

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It is definitely the best dating site in kenya for anyone who is looking for a date, relationships, or even a life-term partner. Best of all, it is free and simple to sign up and look around.

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Using the site is not rocket science, anyone above 18 years of age will find it easy to navigate through the cloud dating kenya platform. Every single day people meet for dates in Cloudromance - people from all walks of life, all genders, race, ethnicity, and from different backgrounds all converge with the hope of meeting their potential match.

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Cloudromance is the most popular and by far the largest dating website in kenya. With thousands of members, detailed search functionality, latest chat system, and latest web technology, cloudromance strives to give its users the best online dating experience that is unrivaled in the whole of east africa.