College guy dating a high school girl Do you think dating a high school girl is wrong?

College guy dating a high school girl

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It's no difrent thn judgin gays. Dating a high school girl when you're in college is like going to a free-beer kegger, and bringing along a bottled water, despite really, really wanting a beer, or two beers at the same time, maybe with another beer taping it.

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When I was in high school, I was usually more mature than most girls and I noticed the girls who went out with older guys were often not mature, thought it was cool that they were dating older guys and thought it was impressive that their boyfriends had money or cars and could get them liquor, several of them were the quiet, doormat types like my friend I just mentionedetc. Everybody just assumed she was a freshman, I guess.

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She seems more mature than some of the girls I meet in college and is really into me, but it could all be hormones and the whole older guy advantage thing. A Question or a request for what advice you want. Not to mention, it's just hard. What Girls Said Your username is how other community members will see you. Do what you want, but just don't be surprised if you're on separate pages and don't click like you thought you would.

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I don't think that's true where I live. I don't think it's wrong As for if I think it's wrong or not - I kind of do, because most of the time, it seems to me the guy is mainly interested in one thing In your situation I view the responsibility to be on the older guy.

The saying is true, they don't get older.

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Girls in high school are on a very different life and social situation. Mar 2, 5.

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Also i didn't have curfews or parents or any of that crap to deal with while in college. Not because the guy is intentionally trying to take advantage of her most of the timebut he's in a different place than her.

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All these people are so damn judgmental about people as a whole and don't realize individuals feelings. To be fair though, I'm 24, so even if she's 18 there's a six year difference which I can't help but feel like would be awkward.

Big Story Need for Speed: The girls that date older colleges guy dating a high school girl tend to be LESS mature than their peers who date guys the same age.

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What Guys Said Don't forget regardless of her maturity level she is still a high-schooler. I don't know how old she is, usually they have to be 17 or Confession Dead Bedrooms Ex?