Curta calculator dating Curta Type 1, 1a & 2 - calculate the date of production

Curta calculator dating

Inside of the black plastic case has both foam pads to protect the device. That would date this from the mid 50's.

This example is in excellent condition and operates flawlessly. It is a later model and has the two tone color scheme on the body. This interesting design calculator was the top of the line and immensely popular before the advent of the handheld electronic calculator essentially made them obsolete in the 70's. These were the tool of choice just before the introduction of the electronic handhelds came onto the market.

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The body is very nice and shows no wear or tear and there are just a few minor scuffs on the outer metal case. I also see that the serial is a prime number for what that is worth.

I can't update regularly the database so I may delay a couple of months to add the pictures on the website.

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This Curta Calculator has issues and is being sold as is. Most prices seen reflect actual sale results from this website. The List of Curtas from curta.

They are highly calculator dating pieces of calculation history, and an important example of how calculation technology has advanced. They were put into production shortly after the WWII ended. That would be just a few years after production began in It is pretty incredible that they were able to get all that capability to fit into the palm of a users hand. There is no case.

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Style of the Canister: They are highly collectible pieces of calculation history, and an important example of calculation technology in the scheme of things. This example is in super cosmetic condition, but does not operate properly and is jammed up. The calculator dating I can offer is that this example came from Mexico. This Curta operates as it should.

Our current offering of Antiques for sale are at our sister Website Patented-Antiques. There may be several listings of the same Curta, so you can see differents series of pictures of the same Curta in differents styles, sizes and qualities.

The original fold out instruction sheet and manual show some use, but are nice as well. In the first 5 year of use of this webpage I received 2 claims for calculator dating copyright actually I believe it is the same person! I try to be honest in this webpage, I do not show pictures from: Today they are highly collectible pieces online dating bisexual calculation history, and are an important example of calculation technology in the scheme of things. Mauren System Curt Herzstark. The serial number is The type two Curta has a larger capacity than the type1 and has 11 columns that carry out to 15 places.

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