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Date hookup customer service number

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If this has happened to anyone please tell me how you handled it. Valley ForgePennsylvania United States. I cannot get any replys messages either.

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Maybe he won't be so cavalier with personal calls as he is with customer service Parent company of DateHookup. This site is terrible to use. Is there a way to have your active profile say No members with that username found if someone that is a member is trying to find you?

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Bright Job Services 9 offer letter not given and money not refunded. My payment was accepted date hookup customer service number difficulty though.!!!!! You keep sending me back for new password? How can someone reactive their account once its removed. I dont wanna be on this site will u delete the account.

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Good for you John. It istj dating isfj about search criteria.

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Please click on the number of stars to award for the company's customer service. Russ Holt was his name and his profile on here is blocked but I filed charges for phone harassment against him for calling me names and other things. There is never any replys back from the service dept.

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I have tried everything but am unable to get on. The most frustrating part is I can not get a live person that can delete this information.

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I have done nothing wrong and contribute alot on that site. I can't send an email to him because when I tried it just stayed on send. There is NO customer service.

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I wouldn't bother wondering. People who I've sent friend requests to also tell me they get a failure when trying to accept, some of my messages aren't going thru to the recipients, AND search is erratic Review and Hint Needed. I joined the site this past summer under a particular nickname.

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Well, I am here to help. I'm going to go ahead and file a report with the Better Business Bureau anyway because I think that your up to no good. I have been trying for a long time an really enjoyed the site.

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I have gone out with a rapist, but didn't find out until weeks later. When returning to chat after posting, my comments were not available to view. I was just trying to help.