Dating a girl with male roommate Guys, would you have a problem with your girlfriend having a male roommate?

Dating a girl with male roommate, select as most helpful opinion?

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There's a difference between being around and living with. I had one female and two males one was my brother. That's why I say housemate though for the distinction. At 19, my son lived popular dating apps in dubai a girl he was good friends with. Not at all, and not because I trust them.

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Would you date a girl that lived with a guy? Personally it would depend on how well I knew her and her roommate. I was talking to this girl who told me she lives with her ex-boyfriend.

My partner has had female room mates. I hang out in their living room in my underwear.

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After 6 months though, it appears more longterm and while I don't think that either partner should control the other, you do have some input. Use the search tool and FAQ before you post.

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I'd ask him to look harder. Tati - did it interfere dating a girl with male roommate your dating?

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I think as woman dating a guy with a female roommate, you just have to get a feel for the dynamic. No flirting, no touching, no close friendship.

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No of course not. If this thread is redundant or in your opinion silly, please don't waste your time on it. I figure as long as i can trust who i am dating, they can do whatever they want, hang out with whoever they want, really anything, because i trust that they wont go out of their way to disrespect me.

Exactly, there is no way you could defend that argument.

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I think I would be okay with it. I love the writing and the photos. A few guys were like "is he gonna get mad? If I look at her and think, "Oh, she's pretty," there would be a problem. One was an old friend who, like myself, was a single parent.