Dating a guy with roommates Why Roommates Are Bad For Your Love Life

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If he is college aged its no big deal.

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My biggest issue with men with roommates, besides questioning their financial stability, is that I hate being the one on whom the onus is to host. How old is the guy in question? Lucy, Only free korea dating sites can decide what is best for you. I live in a really expensive area so it's definitely not a deal breaker.

However I can understand it until someone hits their mid to late 20s. My SO was in a group house with 4 other guys when we met.

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It was never an issue. My friend moved 9 times 4 months recently because he was trying out different neighborhoods until he decided to sign a lease. Secondly — I would absolutely hate to date a guy with a roommate. I live in a very expensive place where pretty much everyone young has roommates. Check out some communities and we recommend you subscribe to at least 5.

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But an affordable and decent place can be found nearby. It was a big reason why I wanted someone with their own as well. I'm married, even, and would love a roommate in addition to the people that live with us already. New York City Speeddating.

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Totally fine and understandable for someone in their 20s to share — but yes. A bit late in commenting, but hope this helps. After dating many guys who either had room mates or lived with their parents though [and dating a guy with roommates ultimately lazy dudes], I made it something where you REALLY had to impress me for me to not judge.

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I don't like to live alone, so I will probably have housemates until my SO and I decide to move in together. I lived alone for many years and dated guys with room mates.

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Only a genuine asshole would doubt that story! That is before utilities. If you're over college age, you have your own place. The way you just explained it, I cannot see anyone that you would want to date at least having a problem with that!!

What do you think? Like, really not notable or different at all. Id live in a coop again in an instant. He is a pilot??? I just imagine them viewing me on the same level as a unemployed guy living in his mothers basement even though none of that is accurate with me. It was the best decision I ever made. I live in the Netherlands and it is no where near as difficult as what you are describing. If you have reasonable expectations it is definitely possible to find a decent place to live.

Them simply having roommates doesn't bother me, it's the personality of said people that would be the dealbreaker. And if the relationship is solid, usually those experiences will bring you closer. This is not your personal soapbox.

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We made it work. My general rule of thumb is to make your life as uncomplicated as possible. Familiarize yourself with Reddit