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From what I can tell, you offer men your companionship and body without first requiring their devotion and commitment to you.

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Is he hounding you about taking a trip to Tuscany? How do you deal with this? We met up a few more times, and eventually the inevitable happened: He was bringing his best friend. My name is Joy silver, pleasure to contact you here which really interest me in having communication with someone,if you will have the desire with me ,here is my email address joysilver gmail. You have NO idea what goes on in the home. Be mindful of your makeup.

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I struggle every day with loving him. June 13, at 3: Please pray for me for this overwhelming sadness and broken heart to ease up just a little. Being unemployed or working part-time doesn't mean a guy is a gold digger.

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If we know you exist, he is lying to us about you, too. Jem and Scount walk into town to buy something out of his birthday money.

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So A decent connection, and an even better allowance. Honestly he sounds like a scamming waste of time, there are plenty of men on here. I am an older Daddy myself, I am always asked how old is my granddaughter.

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Where do you people get this dating a married man for money that wife and kids is a bundle of some sort. Sounds like he is really remorseful about it and trying his utmost best to make up for it but you wont let it go.

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Distance and time kept them apart for almost 10 years but when she moved back closer, there he was looking to have her back. All you are talking about is the other man. March 18, at 3: Frank — You clearly are getting more experienced in a SD.

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There was a time when a summer internship with the speaker of the assembly virtually assured an attractive, cooperative blond admission to UC. So, the dumb bitch left her boyfriend for a guy who goes home and fucks his wife after fucking her? March 7, at 9: I tried to leave then and times since, but my married man is quite the talker and i guess im just too blind or too weak to not put a stop to it once and for all.