Dating agency cyrano recap ep 16 Dating agency cyrano recap ep 16

Dating agency cyrano recap ep 16

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Also, a small yay for some more Cyrano influences. Being a woman is not a talent.

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I really love how he whispered his confession to her ear. That's 3 out 4 in my book.

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Episode 7 by murasakimi. Also shipping Chunderella aka Master.

TvN never fails to disappoint me. Episode 7 by murasakimi.

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Requiem July 2, at Knights in Shining armor also I hate. Both men are hitting their 40's although they can play a character that is much younger, and can actually pull it off.

Like in spy operation where Min Young could have been more involved.

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Byung-hoon returns to the agency, where the two boys have a ready excuse for their failure to show up at the mission locale: I think that what I loved the most on this part is the developpement between Byung Hoon and Min Young.

Awwwwwww such a sweet ending. I'm pretty sure I'd either be pissed off when I find out I'm the target of an operation or I'd be really grateful to them.

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Really, BH, you want your girlfriend to give up everything for you and change her profession just because you want to give up the agency? When you're the main character, mastermind and manipulator, one would expect that it's YOUR ideas that are most followed and your rules and decisions overriding everyone else's, not the other way around.

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A verification email has been sent to your new email address. No jail bait please.

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I wonder how Moojin will react to HyeRi's probably betrayal: Min-Young embodies stereotypically feminine traits and excels in stereotypically feminine jobs - she is definitely "the girl" both in how she datings agency cyrano recap ep 16 with their targets, and how she interacts with her teammates in the agency and just how she reacts to things in general When their entire plan relies on information-gathering, I don't understand why MY being the best at face-to-face spying is somehow not a talent, when MJ and AR offer the agency the same things, except more indirectly.