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In the stimulus stage some motivation at the physical, social, emotional, intellectual or spiritual level sparks interests and the interaction begins. But, some end in a breaking up event where the marriage is cancelled. The overall evaluation of the deal also depends to a great extent on how well we feel matched on racial and ethnic traits, religious background, social economic class, and age similarities.


Many chose to marry and do so more often in the warmer months of the year than in the other months. Have you ever heard the colloquial phrase, "opposites attract?

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Dates are short-term and can be singular events or a few events. Retrieved October 31, from Encyclopedia.

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The most global or macro approaches have made use of vital statistics such as census data or marriage license applications to study the factors that predict mate selection. That couple in the bottom right-hand corner is my wife and I on a field trip to the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

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If you are 6 foot tall as a man or 5 foot 8 as a woman, then you are slightly above average in height. There is also a phenomenon called the Marriage Gradient. The extent to which marriage outside one's social group is the result of changing preferences and attitudes or largely the result of shifting opportunity structures, known as marriage market conditions, is not clear at this time Surra Look around you in the classroom.

Do you have similar family backgrounds?

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Many who teach relationship skills in cross-cultural or trans-racial relationships focus on the similarity principle. I often ask my students how they met and when they tell their stories I help them to identify the geography that was involved in the process. Since women tend to want to marry a man slightly older the marriage market is squeezed because there are too few females for all the available males.

Also, certain individuals value one background trait over others.

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When two strangers meet they have a stimulus that alerts one or both to take notice of the other. Many chose to marry and do so more often in the warmer months of the year than in the other months. The creation of extended kin ties is crucial to a successful engagement. The list of roles is listed in increasing order of level of commitment yet does not indicate any dating and mate selection of predictable stages the couple would be expected to pursue.

Centers, Richard Sexual Attraction and Love: These are the types of questions and answers we consider when we study dating and mate selection. The theoretical and empirical inquiry that has paid attention to peer and kin influences is restricted to studies of dating.


Rule 2 is to find a compatible dating and mate selection who can have their needs be met by you and your needs be met by him or her. Engagement provides the couple with opportunities to practice being married, in many different aspects of the relationship.

And finally sometimes, people just fall out of love or lose interest.

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Intimate violence is the worst and most deadly violence especially for women. Even though Figure 2 shows that a smooth line of increasing intimacy can occur, it does not always occur so smoothly nor so predictably.