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As far as the ball grip -it was quite common on the European version where as the American version didn't have it! You will see a three digit ID code, followed by two letters and then the serial.

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The plain ones are actually kind of neat to flesh out a collection at a low cost. The first A5s became availble to the US sportsman around or so.

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January 31st, Identifing a Belgium Browning Info I have says Browning used the barrel address of "St. Thus, it is unlikely that your father's HP is marked with Nazi "waffenamt" abbrv. Feb 28, 5.

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Jan 10, 2. From his description it appears to be one of the first 10, produced.

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Blackpowder Cartridge Shooting and Loading. Either way, should be visible on bbl, no matter how miniscule the print. Anyway, you can date a gun per the serial no.

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It clearly has the PV stamp on it, has the FN butt plate. My a5 serial is coded like this: Browning-The Best There Is.

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Here is the dating belgium browning, lots were made in Belgium but assembled in Portugal so they will say 'made in Belgium Assembled in Portugal' and the like. WarlockJan 10, It was made in Belgiumas per the other side of the barrel.

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It is M7. Seems to me being only one of 10, would make it worth a bit more? I need a A-5 light 20 with choke tubes.

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It's Belium made according to the barrel. Can someone decode the serial number?

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Big Bore Serial Numbers. The only thing you would be getting by buying one would be a number.