Dating but no physical contact Several dates but no physical contact?

Dating but no physical contact

He might be like me in that he hasn't found a way to word his needs that will come across well. He's been in relationships before, it's not like he's a clueless teenage kid with no experience.

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First time sex, some really quick questions - Question by van1van. Go on another date and just ask him about physical contact. Yeah, I think that he must be aware on some level that I attempted to physically move it along.

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I didn't suggest she pull down his pants and start blowing him. I personally am ready for some physical affection, and I would like to know if you are.

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At least those guys aren't physically forcing themselves on someone they know isn't interested. Need advice on how to approach him without looking demanding or insecure, and honestly wondering WHY someone would act like this.

If he does, we'll discuss how he and I might want to interact physically.

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I mean, I get why people are suggesting to talk to him, but this is one of those things where Everyone is on a different pace. I've been on 4 dates with a girl and the only physical contact we've had are hugs.

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We've been on 6 dates so far. This is the place!

In which case, maybe he's just cautious and doesn't want to seem pushy or over-eager. Maybe his nerves like wanting to impress you and not looking like a fool in front of you is making him blind of your blatant advances. I recently joined online dating and I've gone out with two of them.

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But he doesn't even make the slightest physical move. Switch to Threaded Mode.

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If it has been all dating but no physical contact, and he just been agreeing to all your suggestions then the odds are he is a nice guy who has a hard time saying no and is not really into you.

Share Share this post on Digg Del. If he answers yes, he likes physical contact, then you can say you would like to be more physically affectionate with him and you want to make sure that is okay.

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Online dating question - Question by Tyler Want to add to the discussion? The thing is though, we've been on two dates right now, and he has not shown any physical affection or touching at all?

There is really no downside here to communicating your expectations. Lots of conversation, laughter and fun.

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All times are GMT Yeah I think this is probably my best bet. It finally to me to work up the nerve to ask her if i could kiss her goodnight, and it worked. Why are people shy?

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