Dating clueless man Dating Tips for the Clueless Man

Dating clueless man

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Everything was how I suspected then I was supposed to take Thing 1 out to dinner and she stood me up. The only way I can tell if someone is interested in me is when my girlfriend starts getting handsy in public.

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Later learned from a mutual friend that she decided she was not interested in me. I'm bad at reading signs in the way that I think every girl is attracted to me. Perhaps I do it more when I'm nervous, but perhaps not. As a wise person I know is fond of saying, bring things back to yourself first.

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No clue why but as soon as I meet a girl, "She's in love with me. I make a move, get shut down. A thousand times yes.


We can get led on too and its not cool. We see what's going on, but we're so unsure how to interpret it that we might as well be clueless because the end result is the same. He respects your ability to make them yourself. When I was first talking with my now girlfriend, she said "you know, I like you" and I smiled, then I went and asked "you mean, like?

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As we're watching the movie I try to make a move, but she was being very cold and deflective, so I figured 'Alright fuck it I guess this isn't going anywhere'. Each man is dissected like a lab rat! I saw her smile at me once and that's it. On the dating clueless man she's not doing nearly as much as she could to make it clear that she's interested.

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I do and at some point she says we should get into bed. Oh yeah after about month and a half it's almost valentine's day and I try to dating clueless man a poem for her but I went for something funny instead of romantic cause I didn't want her to think I was hitting on her.

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Women, why do you mimic sexual and romantic cues when you never had any intention to follow through with them? Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone. I'm not sure he even knows what romantic gestures are, from his history it sounds like he's never aquarius woman and gemini man dating flirted in his life, and sometimes in awkward silences he'll admit he has no idea what he's supposed to do.

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This is largely a blog read by women, not men. Just because things are going good with one girl, no matter how much you like her, remind yourself that you are single and liable to have fun if something else comes up. Women are very subtle with how they communicate, which is why they are such great "power talkers". Like, what the fuck. Theme by Laptop Geek. Some women simply aren't comfortable ever saying no, out of concern for the guy's feelings, concern for safety, who knows.

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Log in or sign up in seconds. Meanwhile, guys usually don't like it when a girl is too forward and communicates her intentions very clearly, because a guy will instantly think, "Wait, this isn't how girl game is played. When you start to treat a frog more like a prince, he actually BECOMES more like a prince — and can start living up to your expectations. A small laugh, sarcastic "ha," or some light deprecation e.

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So yes, be direct. Retract your claws girl. And it's just torture when a girl's humor is naturally flirty.