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Dating coca cola bottle caps, coca cola bottle caps

Early Coca Cola Bottles

Here are some Internet resources that can help:. Oh yeah I never doubted that there was a 7Up plant in Ottawa but American online dating sites always assumed they only used generic bottles, since Ottawa is full of generic ones and that's the only marked one I've ever seen.

Although I don't have an exact chronological photo file on Coca Cola caps, everything I have seen "so far" from the s look like the one shown below.

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His collection has grown to include some straight-sided bottles and even some Hutchinson Coca-Cola bottles. Because they were not allowed to put them in bottles with the "Coca-Cola" script, the bottlers developed their own "flavor bottles.

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The image is a little blurry - and it reads as follows from top to bottom The syrup bottles were ornately etched and equipped with a metal cap for precise serving. The answers would be something like this:. Patent office as being distinctive and belonging exclusively to Coca Cola.

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If you asked four different coca cola bottle collectors what the term antique coke bottle means to them, you most likely will get four different answers. While value will depend a lot on the condition of the bottle, as a general rule amber bottles will command higher prices than the other colors.

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All were on soda bottles and removed at one time, some may be bent to different degrees but minimally. I have determined that the Richmond, VA.


In the company wanted a more distinctive bottle so that the Coca Cola was easily recognizable to consumers. By the now familiar contoured bottle had been developed. Phil Mooney Jan 1, See the one top left? It's a classic case of supply and demand. Collectors can find an enormous variety in flavor bottles, and most are very inexpensive to collect. Identifying an old Coke dating coca cola bottle caps is much easier if you have images and good descriptions to go by.

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Coke was first bottled in Vicksburg, Mississippi in I did not count them but there are hundreds in this box.

That's what gave "soda pop" its name. The bottle helps distinguish Coca-Cola from other beverages, just as the glass contour bottle had in The time now is Posted By dygger60 1 replies Today, The Evolution of the Coca-Cola Bottle","tablet":