Dating coleman quick lite lamp Dating coleman quick lite lamp

Dating coleman quick lite lamp

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Coleman was never satisfied with the Air-O-Lite lamps because they didn't light quickly enough. First made init is unknown how many were made or for how long. The Canadian version of this model lacked the integral pump.

It was sold with a No globe as Model G; with a parchment shade and the globe it was sold as Model Custom lamps, lights, heaters, and stoves Aug 25, ' You will see two sets of numbers, one set left and one set right of center. Coleman made the Model lamp in the late 's This lamp has the slant burner with Q77 generator and takes a separate pump.

They are unusual because they were never nickel-plated but the brass was polished and lacquered and the collars and globe cages were painted gold. This lamp, in Ed Dennis' collection, is date stamped Sept. Previous Topic Next Topic.

Lamps like this fulfilled W. When equipped with a T44K generator, they were kerosene fueled, torch generating, and had the suffix K in the model number.

The Model CQ was made with a variety of shades. AVK lamp with the matching shade. Coleman quickly improved the Quick-Lite lamp, releasing model CQ in Note the tip cleaner wheel left on this model that also featured a built-in pump and came with a parchment shade over the Pyrex glass globe.

Especially good for night fishing.

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Coleman lantern Models left and the earlier L right. Special Thanks to Terry Marsh for providing information for us! First released inthe Ker-O-Lite lamp was their answer. Is there anyway to tell what year it was made in?

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It is a usable lamp even with its artistic nature. This shade is the Poinsettia pattern.

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The bronze finish is the same as the Parlor Lamp, but it has a lighter two piece-vase, which may have made it slightly more popular. Now lanterns made prior to or so have a dating coleman quick lite lamp method of stamping, but the number stamps are reversed.

A little disclaimer here And, the period identified by the letter seems to be longer than a month. Side of fount stamp on a lantern indicating September of That is where you find the numbers.

Air from the pump is piped up to the top of the fount. Coleman sold this model with a white Monax shade as seen here.

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This is what's printed on the handle