Dating coworkers starbucks 14 Adorable Stories of Starbucks Baristas Who Fell in Love at Work

Dating coworkers starbucks

He told me he was interested in me, and I initially dating coworkers starbucks him down.

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And I know that if a transfer is not possible, we'll be fired. The last time this happened, we succesfully kept it hidden from everyone else.

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Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. He at least knows that we like each other. Log in No account? According to someone in HR, anybody in a position to audit another's work should not fraternize with them.

A conflict of interest may exist whenever a partner's judgment is affected or can be called into question because of a close relationship. From the Partner Guide you get when you're hired the US version anyway: I get kind of lonely when my boyfriend is out on the road, and I have needs.

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We could try to keep it completely under wraps again, but ya know. What happens if one of you is promoted?

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We are a huge two-level store with about employees on at all times, so that is possible. Just think about that. He loves me anyway. If you are going to tell someone you're better off telling everyone including your manager because the last you want is your manager finding out from someone else.

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I'd be gone soon. After a year, he finally left a sweet note on my car and asked me out. Who knows if the story was true but it was pretty damn funny.

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Although, if 2 baristas told me they would work opposite schedules, like one opened only and 1 closed only, so there would be no chance for overlap, then I might be OK with it. He was a regular and everyone knew him.

January 2015

Actually, I dating coworkers starbucks that selling cups of coffee is probably not the fulfillment of the fantasy most baristas I've known have had for their lives. A "man" enslaved to a paycheck full o' heart attacks cheating on a woman he doesn't love but is too spineless to divorce just can't be very good in the sack. I dated a guy I work with for a few months and we didn't tell anyone. About a year before I asked him out, I told a few barista friends that I thought he was cute.

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Now, I am on the 'customer' side of the counter these days, and I've "done" some baristas. Recent Entries Archive Friends Profile.

December 05, 2006

We both know it's not ok for us to be dating but we do it anyway. I think that if you can work professionally together it shouldn't be a big deal if, as so many people have said before, you are in the same "pay-grade.

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But my friends finally convinced me I should try to make something happen for giggles. After work a group of us, including Dale, went to hang out and after a couple of drinks he kissed me. I thought it would be a mistake at first but we were both able to be really professional on the floor We just got married in August and are expecting a baby together in August. Sounds to me like someone is lining themselves up for a wrongful termination lawsuit. A red bearded guy was next in line and said, 'My name is Brandon, by the way.

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