Dating crown ducal

Dating crown ducal

The version illustrated in the documents is the matt black ground version with blue interior, but the same numbers can appear on the orange lustre versions. This is a characteristic of all the strap and buckle designs from the mid s onwards.

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Posted by Ian Newton at What I object to however is an item being passed off by a seller as a Charlotte Rhead pattern, when it actually had nothing to do with her.

The first clue apart from the obvious tube-lined decorationis that it does carry a shape number — an incised — which tallies with a known Crown Ducal vase number.

If you would like to see the original documents of what these registration numbers refer to then you will need to visit The National Archives at Kew, these documents are not available online:.

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Probably the others are from the s too. At the risk of repeating myself, buy them if you like them, but know what you are buying…….

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So if you come across a Charlotte Rhead table lamp or condiment set with typethis is normal. Soon after that it is regarded as not acceptable to make a dating crown ducal with just "England" on it, it has to say "Made in England".

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I have seen this style used on freehand enamel tableware patterns and even Charlotte Rhead tube-lined fancies, specifically patternsand There were a lot more shapes produced with this design than the six illustrated. From onward the lamps tend to get marked with the backstamp type Her Omar pattern was produced whilst she was at AG Richardson Crown Ducal in the s, and appeared on a variety of items. Backstamps styles are created, the range sells well.

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But it appears to have ended up being predominantly used on items with lithographs in their design, either floral borders and centres or all over chintz patterns. My aim is just to help potential buyers make the right decisions in terms of collecting genuine Charlotte Rhead pieces. Florentine The earliest pattern number known on the Florentine shape is which would date the introduction of the range to earlyquite soon after Gainsborough.

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The Premier shape, also known as "Old Hall Ivory Ware", has the registration number and this dates the shape design to the spring of This is a good time to mention a paper which helps to put in dating crown ducal what was going on in the pottery industry during the dating crown ducal.

One possibility, and it is purely my own guess!

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There is a java applet which calculates Crown Ducal design dates for pattern numbers between and here:. The numbers were assigned sequentially and can therefore be dated. The details of the strap and buckle styles are all slightly different so I suppose each pattern has its own printed backstamp style but I'm not going dating website madrid create a new type number for each pattern!

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If unsure, look for a pattern number on the base and compare it to the recorded Rhead numbers for Crown Ducal.

Despite all that, I shall attempt to outline my view that it is beyond all reasonable doubt that this is an authentic Rhead piece!

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When it comes to the main design, I think it stands out a mile as a typical Charlotte Rhead motif. The prints for the Rural England series themselves were used by Crown Ducal on many of their tableware ranges from the s possibly until the s.

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One day someone will make sense of it all! Both patterns have been seen where items in the same set are marked with types and For Crown Ducal art pottery and tableware this information is not known with much accuracy, although it is possible to make an educated guess based on design dates, backstamp styles and advertising material of the period.

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Dates are rough guides only. The outer sails have a similar look of Stitch and the hills that form the background remind me of Omar.