Dating daguerreotype cases Is it a Daguerreotype?

Dating daguerreotype cases

Dating Very Early American Daguerreotypes

As I diligently search for very early daguerreotypes to purchase, I also am very cognizant of examples that I have seen in various dating daguerreotype cases and private collections. My concern, from physical experience in examining many naked plates, was that the silver would further lift from the copper if any dating daguerreotype cases touched the surface.

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I bought the portrait in a classic, very early, top-hinged leather case. Clothes and Style Clothes, hair styles, and personal appearance changed significantly throughout the life of the daguerreotype.

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In fact, there is correspondence from Lamson Scovill to his brother and partner, William Scovill, written December 31,lamenting the fact that their attempts at producing adequate plates for Morse, Butler and others has been unsuccessful. There probably aren't many portraits in the very early era that don't exhibit some degree of mechanical blemishes. Three corners are square and the lower right has a teeny clip mark.

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Actually, these facts were part of an article published in the October issue of Johns Hopkins Magazine, a widely circulated, prestigious journal. Three times I have seen a medium blue shade, once a deep green and twice an amber color. The Daguerreotype was the first practical photograph and proved popular with the public. While I can't pronounce the plate a very early, experimental effort by Cornelius with certainty, my thought process is continuing in that direction.

As positive proof of the last sentence, one only needs to examine the next two heavy, unmarked and handcut plates, produced within a year of the first one.

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Doing this will get the image closer to the scanner's glass and help keep the focus sharp. Hallmarks of "30" with a closed quatrefoil inside a circle next to the number and a single mark, either "L" or "E" could be about People can fake all image types but daguerreotypes are much more difficult.

Further knowledge has revealed that Daguerre himself recommended using blue glass if it ever become possible to daguerreotype the human face.

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Nineteenth Century Technology and Modern Science. You were collecting daguerreotypes about five years before I, so I know that you must have gotten some pretty good deals and that you must also have an interesting collection. The scrapes in the lower right corner were probably done later when someone attempted to wipe off the tarnish and mercifully stopped before destroying the image. The preserver was prone to breaking at the corners.