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None of which is true.

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My ideal girl comes close to Patricia Arquette in True Romance. Just don't piss off a dating entj male infj.

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SO yea, I feel you. If you prefer someone who is firm and straightforward you will certainly enjoy the comforts of an ENTJ partner. Someone is one word, not two. You likely find have very few women friends because you have so little in common, and that's what most women are interested in, you could care less.

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I bet my kids and coworkers wrote up this description of my personality. The direct nature of ENTJ can be very refreshing in a relationship, especially for an introverted personality. They do favor logic, but that does not mean they cannot show affection in a romantic relationship.

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All times are GMT Maybe you and your datings entj male friends have same hobbies. Such a small percentage of women in this category, wish people knew more about this personality and its strengths!


When the ENTJ male goes after something, they combine their intelligence with their creative strategic planning abilities- this makes them pretty much unstoppable. Wish I had more!

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On a rainy evening on the other hand, bring out a competitive board game like Scrabble or set each other intricate jigsaw puzzles to complete. Even as a younger girl this fits me. They have a deep insight into the motivations and potential of people around them and understand intuitively what will bring out the best in them. I'm a woman who thrives on challenging the status quo and doesn't enjoy babysitting adults.

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ENTJ does have a less-dominant intuitive nature that can pick up on the feelings and motives of others, and while they may seem uncaring about the feelings of others, they often harbor strong feelings of affection and tenderness towards those they care about.

This can help create great communication within the confines of the relationship.

Do You Want a Successful ENTJ Relationship?

ENTJs may not feel an immediate connection with people of the following types, but on getting to know each other, they'll likely find they have some important things in common, as well as some dating agency cyrano vietsub ep 7 to teach one other. Encourage them to open up ENTJs, despite their social and intuitive natures are known to have difficulty in expressing their own emotions and feelings.

This combination of driven and exciting qualities, makes them incredibly valuable allies. It really can why i do things the way i do. When an ENTJ begins planning world domination, the best thing you can do is hope that their ultimate plan is not an evil one.

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This your dominant controlling trait making its presence known. ENTJs work hard to become accomplished in their careers, and are often seen climbing the ladder until they become the boss themselves.

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What is the ENTJ male approach to dating?