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We almost got divorced. If your spouse or partner also works for the Department, expect to do separate tours at least once in your career, possibly more. Free housing and solid private education while abroad are dating foreign service officer, great benefits. Interesting that having kids could commit you to the foreign service even more, not less.

I'm worried that pursuing a life in the foreign service means that one spouse does a lot more compromising than the other. Whether she eventually ends up in beste internet dating seite State Dept. You can also be paid to learn a foreign language. It's like a male FSO eating mayonnaise everyday and never getting a taste of Salsa and the other tasty foreign food. If you're uncomfortable forgoing a career of your own, have your spouse avoid the foreign service.

That way, it's not a total shock and you're not unhappy if the worst case happens. But this is not a thriller.

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Have you considered a domestic position with an international focus at a U. Love those quips about raking the leaves, etc. Spouses of diplomats are not automatically granted permission by the host government to work outside of the embassy. You can see the world and will have some of the best stories to share. Except one, but that was an unusual situatoin, in that the 'local girl' actually grew up in Europe, has citizenship there and is for all intents and purposes European.

So, the EFM likely would either not be able to work as a pharmacist, or would have to go through the local licensing process, which may or may not be possible, and may or may not be worth the hassle. Posted by Katie at Be Specific as possible.

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Anyway, this is not to say it's all bad! You want more advice? Once you have done your research, feel free to reach out for more detailed input. Dear Mike, I really enjoyed reading your post.

Too intimidated by female FSOs to date them. Occasionally a low-level contract position for clerical work will come up, and of course there's the community coordinator, which has been cut in dating foreign service officer missions. I appreciate your honesty and insight. I just saw at the bottom that your partner is with IRCC, so I think their application process varies a bit from GAC's, but otherwise most of the answers are the same. I know that the logistics for postings and the regulations surrounding spousal support are completely different in the two foreign services, but broadly speaking, the experiences of the spouses aspie girl dating not be too far off especially given the cultural similarities between Americans and Canadians.

Great article, thanks for candor which is balanced rather than just gloomy.

The beginnings are clear. This career is — mostly — fulfilling and has given me a lot of experiences I would not otherwise have had. I am a psychiatrist and they post openings for psychiatrists frequently.

I had some good experiences working for State.

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Some of my former colleagues still in the Foreign Service enjoy working for the State Department and do not share my view. To all the partners and spouses of foreign service officers, it would be great to hear about your experiences. Lena Olin talks sex, power and poetry. Flexibility, a love of adventure, and boredom with the idea of the steady-job-and-minivan routine. I'm going to change my life.

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