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I talked her into giving up life in the college town we were living in, and getting help through a treatment program back at her parents hometown. I don't want to mess up her life at all or all the hard work she puts in to staying in remission.

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I will in no way tell you that a relationship with a person with this disorder is a walk in the park, it's not. Other datings forum bipolar disorder she would avoid me for days, which was easy because we lived hours apart and she just wouldn't answer the phone. I am difficult to have a relationship with even though i have good days. Hopefully, I can give some type of input.

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They assume we are the dating forum bipolar disorder because the stigma of bipolar is the same as one gets if they have a substance abuse problem. She has many close friends and holds down life responsibilities well so I'm not too worried or anything.

Last edited by Noodle; at What I was told was that he when he was in his manic episodes he would get very excited for just about anything, he was very often scammed of by people selling things like "magnetic shoe soles that cure bipolar"; And after some time the mania stopped and he realised he wasted hundred of euros on quackery, he would fall into deep depressive episodes.

I couldn't follow what he was saying, nothing made sense to me.

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Oh, did I mention she has a kid with emotional problems? We have been t…. Word Association Game 8. Online dating corey wayne of a feather flock together, even if the guys won't admit that.

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I know that my bi-polar disorder will cause me to be unreasonable and out of hand so I vent in other ways. I just dont want to talk to anyone about it, and say im ok.

Don't you ever say that to me again!!! My questions are when he gets in these states, does he remember our phone conversations?

Ask him how he's doing from time to time, and show that you're willing to be patient.

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At least that is the impression I get from reading your posts over the years. I'm not sure when he started the meds, he talked about them on Tuesday.

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I recently had my first manic episode on April 1st it was definitely not a joke: So, I said, do you want me to call you back when I get home and we will have a better connection. You seem very supportive and helpful.

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I would love to be able to right now, but even I upset him now. I was really lonely and I stupidly almost married her. Most of their maladaptive responses are further denial that anything is wrong with them.

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Results 1 to 25 of I think he is still not completely himself, yet I'm not sure if what I knew was himself or an episode. You actually helped me a lot.

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But yesterday she told me she is bipolar but has been on meds for quite some time and her combination works really well for her. I worry that I may be the reason he went off his meds if that is what happened and caused this. It may take a while for those meds to start working. One time I questioned her motives.

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