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Seizan was a Nabeshima clan kiln', 'timestamp': If you can help me then contact me in Google so I can sent pic of the cup. Seizan was a Nabeshima clan kiln. It would be much appreciated if you could review link and provide any additional information regarding manufacture.

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Hi I dating kutani porcelain some info on these 2 items, a vase and bowl. Send the photos to Marmiet23 gmail.

Kutani Porcelains

They appear to have been stamped with black ink but not indented into the bottom at all. I'm guessing no one knows what these symbols are. I've uploaded a picture of the set and of the mark on the bottom of the pieces. Set of 8- 1 lid missing. It actually looks like each letter was stamped one at a time by hand.

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You are generous with your praise so thank you for that. Marmie October 24, at 5: The number of ways that 'Kutani' can be written, legibly and illegibly, will cause your calculator to go into scientific notation.

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Hi, I bought two miniature Vase's from an estate sale and I love them. Anonymous August 2, at 7: Birds on Kutani porcelain Birds as a dating kutani porcelain motif in a Kutani style appear quite frequently marked Yokohama.

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Does that mean place dish between vases or is it a artist mark? The mark is a bit blurry but under the bird picture in Japanese it says Yamaka Shoten illegible Ki, which is Yamaka merchant shop.

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These Quick dating site occurs almost exclusively on the bottoms of tea cups. Anonymous March 23, at 7: Can you please review the photo of the marks provide some insight as to who this artist might be.

It looks like a Kutani mark Thank you for your help.

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Thanks for this wonderful resource! Nikko Nippon Nippon Jap. Japanese porcelain mark nikko.

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If you have any idea of what they are, I would so appreciate it! You can't even assume that the Japanese themselves can read the markings.

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Can't seem to ID this sign: