Dating levels kim kardashian hollywood Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Answers for iPhone - iPad

Dating levels kim kardashian hollywood

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Once you get your baby, Ray Powers and Kim Kardashian will send their congratulations. If you are a Starthere are two tops that both cost 9, I just realized recently that I have the key to her house, it's actually connected to my spouses.

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Naomi Me too, like my actual husband proposed me before the stars and had already declared his love for me, but now we have passed the 1, hearts and he has not given me any key. You will only be able to call love interests and real-life contacts. Having a baby with your partner is a process and requires patience, time and money.

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You don't get the key to their house till you married them. Every heart counts as one point towards your relationship meter. Jun 2, ESRB: Contents [ show ].

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But yeah as for which stages are at what point, it's confusing since they keep changing it: Back to all Tips and Tricks. Dating is required to raise up your relationship meter.

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If you say yes, you will get a ring, some money and xp. This bonus datings levels kim kardashian hollywood you a head start in your date rating.

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Charming them to continue your relationship costs K-Stars and the more serious the relationship, the more K-Stars it costs to charm the person. Works like a charm too, assuming you can stand your significant other, who constantly berates your outfits.

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So now I have two. Conversations with the in-game Kim don't come with many options. After you finish the quest, you need to go on another date with your partner, and before the date starts your partner will propose. Sponsor Actually SoHo is fastest it gives you a jackpot of hearts and when your wearing something very unpleasing your spouse loves it!

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They are also saying that you get married at 3, hearts, also the highest amount you can go to. I'm at around 1, hearts. Lizzie What happens when you reach relationship points? Sweetheart The max is 15, points.