Dating man 13 years older than me Dating a man 13 years older

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I actually had this problem, I married my old middle school teacher when I was 20 and he was 34; he was only 26 when I was a kid- but all I get it criticism.


Know soon into a relationship with an older man where you all stand on different things that could be a big deal in the future, including kids, marriage, and your feelings on cohabitation and more, and you should be able to make the relationship work as if you were dating someone the same age as you.

I excite him and he calms me My husband is 9 years younger than me. If so, you either need a partner to like the same things, or you need to find someone who is fine with you doing those things without him or her.

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Age is a number. Most guys I know that are dating women 15 and 25 years younger are keeping up. But they have had an absolutely devoted marriage, during which they ran a business together and raised a terrific, happy family. We've been together since I was This is stuff you simply can not game out: But it sounds like they might be for you. We should be with the ones who love us and make us happy.

And I got burned, despite my best efforts.

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So from the get go you showed too much interest too soon. I really can relate here.

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And 22 is young; if you were 30, this age gap would bother me less. So in some ways our lives were similar, and we had a lot in common. Feel free to encourage an opportunity for the both of you to dating man 13 years older than me together.

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But I want to decide if age is an issue in the long term now, because every time we see each other we uncover layers of compatibility and we feel more emotionally involved. My dad on the other hand never approved in the beginning and 4 years later still can't move on and accept it.

1. He Knows Who He is

I can agree with you, i've learned so much from him and he has actually learned a lot from me also. Think about friends, acquaintances, work colleagues, and even extended family members with whom you socialize. There are many advantages to dating older guys now. Hopefully his response was thoughtful? But I still wouldn't pass up the opportunity to be with him. Though at the time I thought nothing of an even larger age gap, I know pause and think, "Why does this year-old want a year-old girlfriend?

And though I am not a total cynic, I do think there is grounds to pause. I was shocked on our first date to find out his age. If he is smart enough to plan his life, like I think he has, then he is also smart enough to take care of his health.

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