Dating meth addict 5 Things To Know Before Dating An Addict

Dating meth addict

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But don't give up. This guy has made it clear he does not want any sort of relationship with you, or even to be friends.

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Don't date meth addicts. Don't have an account? My dad was hooked on that shit for about five-six years, but he's kicked the habit and has been clean for eight I told Joey how I felt about him, but he was of the mind, at least, that he cannot date anyone at this point in his life.

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Don't solve my problems for me. They will be going through an emotional roller coaster themselves also. I'm sure he has many wonderful qualities, most addicts do, but he's still an addict and you chose him. In love with meth addict, what do I do?

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I couldnt believe that the man that had move countries to be with me the love of his life in his words could fall victim again to this evil the way he so easily did. So you're still a drug addict and have given up any hope of recovering? This only makes me lose respect for myself.

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My hedgehog kinda has this idea that anyone with a drug user ultimately either turns into a user themselves or cant deal with the stress anymore and leaves. When he's on meth, he actually doesn't act erratic, violent or scary at all.

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I don't expect her to quit cold, but I do expect her to dating meth addict it down. EVERY addict will try and blame someone else for their situation. He had great qualities in him and he would do so much for swim for no reason.

DO know that you can not deal with a loved one who is using meth on your own and that without God, you are destined to be in constant turmoil regarding your life. His personality changes, but probably not in the way you think. Maybe you could have a talk with him and see if he's ready to take that step and quit. Results 1 to 25 of Just dont get sucked down with him. Don't believe everything I tell you.

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You really need to accept that his feelings for you are not at all connected to his dating meth addict use. I have no grand delusions about changing him or getting him off drugs, but I gave him an ultimatum - if I ever even got the slightest feeling that he was choosing meth over spending time with me, I would drop him instantly.

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The bf is the one who should have the degrees and the better background while the wife might have only a BA or highschool. Again, I would appreciate your help and advice.

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Obviously I know nothing about you or him but I think you should quit before things get bad. So what do you two talk about?

I think most people think of drug addicts as pariahs of society and many people also think of drug use as "dirty" or unforgivable. If you want a good life, GTFO.

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