Dating my ex roommate Ex-boyfriend is dating my roommate. What to do?

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Because, regardless of whether or not its thought of as "mature", it still puts a strain on relationships, I don't see why it would be otherwise. Glad that you feel that way. Context matters a lot IMO! But it's not like your ex and her former roommate are super close seeing as how they only chat from time to time.

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Today, my roommate revealed that she's dating my ex. Maybe it's like if you don't want her, she's fair game.

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Imagine if it were a few years instead! Send a private message 2 0 Reply. Any chance you can get a new roommate?

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If he couldn't be reasoned with and they couldn't come to a compromise, that would be a different story, but they didn't even try to reason with him or talk to him. Anyone else have any thoughts? I don't know if it's "wrong" per say, but I do think it's pretty darn uncool. Then, I found out a lot more information.

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That's just me I don't have anything to back it up. It's still inconsiderate and disrespectful. Makes me want to puke. You said you couldn't get along as a dating my ex roommate, and you called it quits before things got ugly?

That's been my stance the last few days.

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No name calling or insults. You don't have to de-rail your perfectly OK life by bringing this turmoil upon yourself.

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I fail to see why two adults need ops permission to date. Originally, I thought she was trying to cheer me up and take me out to eat so that we could catch up.

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Rather insensitive if you ask me. Obviously, they don't care about whether they hurt him or not. OP has a reason to be pissed, but took the wrong steps. My roommate is dating my exgirlfriend My roommate is dating my exgirlfriend.