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He wanted me to quit the sorority.

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Omega Psi Phi Application Packet. He finally admitted one day to me that it bugged him that I was in a sorority.

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I would date one because we would have things polish singles dating site common to start off with Dating a non-greek was very difficult because he could not understand the obligation and commitment that I had to my organization and sorors!! I understand that he needs his time with his boys and he understands my time with my girls.

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I must say this, I was greatly surprised about how respectful the members are to me. Incidentally, I can't think of any fraternity men I would have wanted to date at my school out of those I knew personally. Hello Sorors, I dating omega psi phi man wanted to comment on this topic now that it has come to the top again.

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When I met my bf now he was already in a fraternity. It's true you do get more attention when you join an organization.

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As leaders in many of the Black and non-Black organizations on campus and with the highest GPAs, these fraternity men shout out to the Epsilon Iota Chapter ice coldly ran the yard with intelligence, personality, community awareness, and care.

If you guys can really email me it would help a lot. At my school, it's so hard to find a non-greek who won't be an ass because of your letters we have a very small greek population and a large anti-greek one but its just as hard, if not more difficult to find a fraternity guy who is worthy of dating.

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I think people think that fraternity men don't like commitment more than other men because of the stereotype which makes people want to notice it more. But, it became ridiculous. For me, college was just a time to have fun and bond with my Brothers.

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I've personally never had a boyfriend, which I stress over, even though my friends say that I'm lucky because I've never had to deal with a breakup or cheating boyfriends, etc. That is dumb and immature, because after college during for some life begins and it doesn't matter which organization you are in.

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Not to sound to hypocritical I find it hard to be committmented myself because there are a lot of cute frat boys.