Dating postcards by stamps dating old postcards

Dating postcards by stamps

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The stamp showed a side portrait of Queen Victoria at age Cards previous to that had to have the Private Mailing Card Statement. So, if your card is marked "Private Mailing Card," is dates from - The codes appear either on the scenic side or in the dating postcards by stamps box. For example, how many stars are in the U.

Stamp Boxes for Real Photo Vintage Postcards

In this era, private citizens began to take black and white photographs and have them printed on paper with post card backs. Stamps for King Edwards reign were issued on 1st January It may be noted that many of the early Pioneer views were reprints as Private Mailing Cards. Futuroscope Vulcania Space City, Toulouse. By selling postcards without a printed stamp, the price was reduced.

White Border Era They can be identified by combinations of the following: Messages were not permitted on the address side of the cards; after attempting various forms of explaining that regulation, the U.


Every subject known to man can be found on a postcard. What model of vehicles? The White Border era dates from to Post Card History and Dating Methods.

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Stamps illustrated are the common issues for the relevant 'postcard rate' of the period. Below is an example, written anywhere and everywhere.

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However, there are many postcards that were never mailed or that a part of the post mark is illegible or soiled. The White Border Era brought an end to the postcard craze era.

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If the card was produced using high-quality chromolithography with six or more inksit was probably made before The growth of this group has been spectacular in recent years, so much so that there are now many postcard dealers who specialize only in chromes.

Most linen postcard production stopped in with the start of World War Two, although some printers continued with this fabric-based printing stock until the early s.