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Men, on the other hand, were viewed as manipulative or looking for a quick fling if they were too eager to please.

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Even if you are the one playing hard to get, you may fall… hard. Just act uninterested, even if you are interested. Below is the proof from the study that playing hard to get actually works, and if you learn how to play the game right you will be quite successful.

Playing hard to get magnified the desire and interest that was already present—but it was not able to create it from nothing. It's not likely you'll have the patience to test this sign though — you're too busy!

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While reading Jeremy's value-rich article, it didn't take too long for me to get reminded of the little known but extremely powerful eye contact flirting technique known as "smiling eyes. But being friendly, yet not always available has. Tactics of mate attraction.

2. Be a little skeptical

He ended up ghosting me. Should we play hard to get? Say "maybe" or that you're "not sure" and that you have to check your schedule.

A guy that is used to having the attention of every girl will wonder why you are ignoring him and it will drive him crazy! If it ever feels like he is getting too comfortable in the relationship, find ways to change things up once in a while. I wish I could play When does playing hard to get increase romantic attraction?

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Grandma did it and it worked. Fortunately, there are many ways to reach the same goal.

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The researchers say that's because the men who'd chosen the woman felt "committed" to her. What is Man Repeller? Do as I say, not as I do.

When Should You Play Hard to Get?

Gals increase the possibility of starting a relationship by upholding their standards. He wasn't worth your time anyway. Featured Articles Getting a Date. If you are planning on walking the walk and talking the dating rules playing hard to get with playing hard to get, do it with class. A player will smartly have a game plan, and will hopefully play it fairly.

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Of course if both women and men play too hard to get then there will be no chance of anyone getting together. Make him work for your attention because you deserve someone who's willing to put in some effort. Sometimes dating and relationship advice can conflict. So let his calls go to voicemail and wait a day to text back.

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For men, it means that you should not immediately tell the woman you are dating that you like her and leave your feelings about her a mystery for awhile. For some reason, it's been engraved in our brains that guys are just too dumb to realize we like them, and it's up to us to let them know. By playing hard to get, you are showing everyone that you are perfectly capable of being single or in a relationship.

Understanding an elusive phenomenon.