Dating site marijuana smokers Potheads Finally Have Their Dating App

Dating site marijuana smokers

You can connect to Mate here! Find someone you can better relate to. Extractions 23 Nov, Adult Friend Finder if you like things wild Let us know what you thought of them on social media!

It is no longer necessary for you to sit through awkward dates because of course you are high with someone who is far too dating site marijuana smokers for their dislike of weed.

It works like almost any other dating website, except that its target audience is cannabis lovers. It is designed for tech-savvy people, giving people the functionality of browsing through dating profiles from their iPhones.

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Dating others who smoke marijuana. It still has a lot of the same functions such as email, chat, forums and profile browsing, and is not overloaded with ads. Thompson was asked for advice about finding the purpose of life. Interviews 30 October, 5.

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High There works just the same as most mobile dating apps, allowing you the functionality of browsing through profiles, chatting and emailing. These guys call themselves the cupids of cannabis and are currently the number 1 cannabis dating website.

Culture 31 October, 1. Culture 31 October, 5. It is a really good opportunity to form love connections between people of the stoner class.

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Check out High There! The fact that potential dates already know this about you means we hit it off right away!


You also have the functionality of making your own dating profile. Their vision is that for most cannabis users, it is a really big deal in their lives.

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Not to mention having a strong compatible start. Their community is an opportunity to connect with many other cannabis users, whether it is for romantic purposes or not. Being able to participate in online dating in a community that you know is already friendly towards cannabis makes dating a whole lot easier. Marijuana Smoker Dates Selecting dates that you already know smoke pot.

420 Friendly Dating!

Born to travel, adventure and entertain the curiosities of life. This website is easy to use and not overly complicated. The latest version of this application even allows you to make a video statement as a part of your dating profile. No fears, no hiding, just start smoking together and see where you go This is really cool innovation because it means you get to be yourself on a first date and connect over something you know you are both going to love.

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They met in an adult chat room. I'm deeply connected with music, literature and the arts and I look to them in search of inspiration. Thompson's response was extraordinarily profound. That all depends on the how dating site marijuana smokers you smoke, and the method of testing. You can fill out your own dating profile which allows you to be matched up with other cannabis lovers. Learn how to roll amazing joint filter tips, for the perfect joint. Culture 31 October, 4. Recipes Dating others who smoke marijuana.