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Dating site vaping

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Slightly tongue-in-cheek, but these are the things we think about. May 18, Messages: V-Date or just VD for short I can see it now we will have Vape Lube Chris JohnsonJul 14, Some people will accept it easily, some won't, pretty simple.

Your first date can be going to a brick n mortar shop to get her one. Log in or Sign up. It may not display this or dating site vaping websites correctly. I'm afraid that would turn me away. Big JakeJun 29, MistaKuraudoJun 28, Jan 30, Messages: Beancherrycakes and Dougw63 like this.

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I stank of smoke from the other smokers!?! SylverStardusterVapekitten and MoFo like this. Chip ChippersonJul 7, They still see it as a negative thing. I just started the journey with her in mind so she gladly supports my habit.

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PegasusJun 27, When u wake up and all your vaping supplies are gone. That was a Security Guard, reminding me I couldn't vape inside for the most part That's the only thing I can think of.

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You must log in or sign up to reply here. If he hadn't, I'm relatively sure I wouldn't have quit Jan 15, United States. Bring a smaller one with you to a bar and wait for someone to ask about it.

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