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You need to create a Facebook application in your Facebook account.

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Please enter your e-mail address. Also, on our Features page, at the bottom it clearly states that the software works best if on a VPS or Dedicated server.

Here to share amazing tuts, guides and collections. WP Dating offers exclusively invincible features that no pirate dating website WP plugin can ever offer. Comments Stephanie Hughes says: Choose what fields impact the matching and what percentage.

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Thanks for all the comments here guys!! March 11, at We appreciate you continuing the conversation here.

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See, if all you planned to do was create a mobile version of a site, then building a mobile app is a waste of time. You should also possibly update your installation instructions, maybe even do something positive and post fixes for issues people may run into when trying to work with your plugin.

One developer read my post and sent me a pretty long email about how what I had written was silly because all he needed to do was create a responsive theme and it would look great on a mobile phone.

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East to use hey. So go ahead and try it out—give your users a more social experience on your website today!

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Item Details Reviews Comments Support. Why does the size limit?

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Andrew September 23, at I found some really great people here. Assuming all the comments here are all legit, it is amazing that there could be such satisfied and un-satisfied people with this product.

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Copy the files you have changed in your theme: Here are my experiences with DatingSolutions. And we sent you the dating site wordpress plugin of older version because you wanted to launch your site and as you requested, we wanted it to use stable version. He fills all these roles with a down to earth style and ease that actually encourages you to believe that success is within your grasp.

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Add little flags in the header of your theme. If you already decided to run a dating website and second most important thing to decide which platform they should use.

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The software changed since we bought it.