Dating someone and sleeping with someone else “He’s Sleeping With Me But Dating Someone Else”

Dating someone and sleeping with someone else, when in the course of dating someone should you stop sleeping with other people?

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Do NOT tell her a thing, until she is your long-term girlfriend! Assuming that a relationship is exclusive is bound to be a bad move.

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I could care less for notions of what is technically incorrect given whichever set of unspoken rules. Your partner can cheat on you, it IS a possibility. At most, think about whether you're looking for different things, and if you are, NEXT.

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He could have plowed 16 hookers and sniffed a kilo of coke off all their asses during that time and you still wouldn't have an argument to make. Keeping a reality check on your fantasy-like love life is important. Then he slept with the other girl on holiday because he knew he wasn't going to pursue anything with OP anyways when he got back.

That and he pulled away right before so it was pre planned. Unless there was actual vocal agreement for a commitment - as in you both agreed you were 'exclusive' - he did nothing wrong. At this point you have two scenarios: The problem is, yesterday I went out with some people I work with and one of the guys I work with has always expressed an interest in me and we will casually flirt with eachother, just to make things more interesting as well I guess.

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It doesn't seem like anything worth hanging onto, imho. I think you are rushing things on many levels, although I do think it is wonderful you and your girlfriend are clicking so well and things are going so great.

What you don't have the right to do, and would not be healthy, is to hold him accountable for your feelings.

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She said that was fine. Are there different degrees?

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I think you understand this in your head, but the idea of him getting with someone else hurts your heart. Economics and PPE university courses Replies: Also to clarify, when I say acquaintances - I mean knowing of each other, and saying no more then "hey". As the other person said, you really don't have a leg to stand on right now with assming it shouldn't have been done. My issue is the guy who I really like- well we have actually never had a conversation about how exclusive it is, he kind of brings things up in conversation every now and then about how people call me his girlfriend but I just blank it because I know he's not into that, so why ruin it by having an awkward conversation.

BUT if its eating you up, you have to tell her.

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For some, its after stage 1. You get these gems as you gain rep from other members for making good contributions and giving helpful advice. If he was really into you, he wouldn't have hooked up with someone else. But not everyone is like me in a lot of ways. He cheated on you, but his actions speak louder than words. This is not a dating someone and sleeping with someone else issue, it is simply an emotional one. Treating them like royalty when they are secretly sleeping with someone else is something you would never want to do.

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Sometimes it's brutal and the person who asks the question deletes their account immediately. Eventually she realized I was just bring freaky with my thing I've always been into group stuff, and my wife and I had earlier lived together as friends when my then-GF and I had a GF of our own.

That's a clear statement that you are not in an exclusive relationship.

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