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So hey, with Mr April 17 Aries on the plane — go there! New guy at work has my same birthday, five years later.

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Skip to secondary content. Do you say you were born on the 29th of February or do you say you were born on February 29th?

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I was the oldest of seven children. Or to go a step further, same day and the same year. I am dating my astro twin.

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I'd be curious to know if they met at birthday parties or dinners near one another. To the point where he.

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How many couples are born on the same day and the same year in the world? We seem to be in sync with everything. According to wikipedia In a way it does make more sense. I found the things that irritated me about him are the things that I do myself. The danger, though, is that you'll stay too superficial -- projecting a beautiful image of love while resentments seethe below the surface.

The chance that your boyfriend was born the same year as you is actually very high especially given many situations tend to bring people of very similar age together ; it's a very difficult probability to calculate, though, without data.

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Gee my lovely deceased husband had Moon in Pisces and he was wonderful. I am much more laid back. Otherwise why are you dating?