Dating your friends baby daddy is it wrong 2 Date ur baby daddy best friend

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Subscribe Now Add to my Tracker. I pray that you find someone better as a partner and as a friend, to take care of you and your kid. As for your friend, I get it burns; at least for me, betrayal from a woman is harder to deal with than from men. Everyone is fair game unless it's your home girl's ex husband or maybe her brother. Mad Dad, stop being such a selfish prick. Now in my experience there are 4 main situations you can end up in when dating a women with children: Therefore, if an acquaintance dated a man a few years ago or even a few months ago, you are perfectly well within your dating rights to also date this man.

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Your email address will not be published. But right now I think your going to need time to heal and move on from him. So, I'm 5 months pregnant and while the father and I are not together, I love and have extremely strong feelings for him, and we have been kind of off and on the last few months.

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Attending happy hours at the local bar and grille and discussing the latest episode of Love and Hip Hop qualifies one as an acquaintance. Why voluntarily sabotage a chance to have a meaningful relationship for the sake of a rule that is nothing more than a cockblock in disguise? Ask a New Question expand. It really wonder what there relationship is based on?

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It's good your over him. What's wrong with this question? She should find someone else. Messages You have no messages.

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If we didn't have a child together it could california dating app been easy to let go and cut communication. I definitely believe these discouraging marriage stats are skewed. I dating your friends baby daddy that would be the less traumatic thing to do. Only hoes do that!!!!

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She was out of hand. If your friend had feelings for someone, whether or not it ended up working out with dude, a true friend would respect her boundaries.

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Car wreck on pleasant valley road. Like bitch I've only known you for less than a year!!

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Not a Topix user yet? It most certainly doesn't mean you go tell the person you forgive them.

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All that to say, i'm not all that worried about 51 vs. If you not one of my ride or dies….