Dating your teachers daughter Should i date my teachers daughter?

Dating your teachers daughter, new to mumsnet?

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I like him a lot and I know I shouldn't let the fact that his mum is my teacher affect any relationship we have, but in reality do you think it would just feel too weird? Hello Son of Sue. She is his first and may be his only girl friend in his life. You get these gems as you gain rep from other members for making good contributions and giving helpful advice.

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Boost your child's skills, confidence and grades. She maybe his only girlfriend ever.

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He is doing well at school and his teacher has said she would be perfectly happy to have him at some point as a son in law. Follow 2 Unless the authorities can prove something more sinister is at play, this is totally legal dating your teachers daughter. But keep in mind: Is yours on the list?

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Long, straight black hair. My friend male dated my geography teacher's son, and a whole bunch of people decided to tell him the teacher in class. Because the Internet has a really, really, really good memory. University of Portsmouth Replies: Bit harsh to think she'll be his only girlfriend!

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Now, James if you're reading this while you have my daughter—you better believe everyone will know you're a sick child molester Then I heard that she was dating the physics teacher, Mr. People are probably saying he should "try other girls" because you seem so set on him one day marrying his current girlfriend.

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Is it for my daughter to date her teacher in this situation? Log in to leave your comment or alternatively, sign in with Facebook or Google. I think you should just go for it, if you don't you'll just have so many 'what ifs' going through your head.

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