Disston hand saw dating The Medallions and Timeline of Saw Manufacture

Disston hand saw dating

This allowed more elaborate design features than a stamp.

Disston Saws

This medallion appeared no later than because it appears on the Special handsaw that hand saw dating the th anniversary of the company.

As you can see, there were several medallion designs in the era, with subtle differences in appearance. The lettering has serifs, six-pointed stars flank the eagle, and the city is abbreviated "Philada".

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Hamilton was listed in the city directory living in his father's house on Front Street. The variations seen in the 's and 50's may have been produced at the same time. Note the shape of the perimeter of the medallion, as seen from the side, shown below.

The larger medallion on the left includes the phrase Keystone Works, which appeared in the first-known Disston sales literature, published in The appearance of about ten pre-Civil War medallions that were not in the original timeline indicates that there is more work to do, but it has not been easy.

A quick online search shows it was used in advertising for manufactured goods such as shoes and Remington pistols.

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However they generally can be narrowed down to their decade of manufacture. Medallions from either the late 's or 's. Often saws from the mid to late 's feature a Disston and Son etch on the blade and the earlier eagle medallion with only Henry Disston's name. Patent date for Glover's design of saw nuts, which are stronger than those manufactured in the 's and early 's. See below 's medallion used until the "one-son" medallion started to appear in Henry Disston and Sons, circa A similar medallion, below, includes the phrase Keystone Works, which started appearing in Disston sales literature about The lettering on this small medallion has serifs, unlike those before or after its production.

The number of points per inch could range from four to twelve.

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The shaft of the bolts on these early saws is thinner than on later saws, so the brass is apt to strip or snap, and the nuts won't go back on. He worked in the business office until his death in It should be assumed that variation was used until the next variety appears.

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Saws from the late 's and early 's had this medallion with sloppy execution. There were over a dozen different tooth patterns for crosscut saws before the advent of gasoline chainsaws.

Some were found in online auction pictures and others were donated by visitors to the "Institute".

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I have hand saw dating to show a large sample of stamps and etches as they changed over time. Ten years of reader contributions that necessitated my constant revision was what made the medallion study expand and become a more useful resource.

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Since this nut is fragile, and now is equipped with an easy way to tighten it, they are often found missing or broken due to overtightening. The meat saw was manufactured by Disston from the 's until Would you say one comes to sell often or every few years or a decade? As before, this is a work in progress and will be revised again when the need arises.

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It would be here that Disston would build his reputation as the premier maker of saws in America. There would have been an additional part put on top of the sand mold to form the bolt shaft, which was later threaded.

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This design change is noted with the Dec 27, patent dates. Erik von Sneidern January Link to the old version of the medallion page.

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For the first time since the Henry Disston medallion, the "A" in "Philada" is a smaller case and also has a "dot" following. The medallion shown here is very similar to the one above.